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At HEALTHĒ Habits for Living, you’ll find everything you need to make healthy positive lifestyle changes, now and for the last time – fitness, nutrition and lifestyle – all in 1 place!

What is Healthe Habits for Living?

Healthe Habits for living is a program that provides a customized and unique solution to weight loss and other chronic diseases. We are committed to changing the way people think, relate to, consume, and manage food and exercise on a daily basis.

Our mission is to train, coach, and counsel individuals in appropriate and effective skills in exercise, basic nutrition, and the mental strategies to maintain these lifestyle changes for life.

What are the Benefits of Healthe Habits?

The benefits of HHL are limitless; there are so many perks that are included with our program:

  • Non Intimidating, Safe, and Therapeutic Environment
  • One on One visits with an Occupational and/or Physical Therapist specializing in chronic diseases.
  • Physical Function, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Evaluations
  • Therapeutic Exercise Plans Created for Each Client
  • On-going Communication with your Physician
  • Monthly Healthē Tips Newsletters from Our Team
  • 6-month Gym Membership at Healthē Habits for Living

Healthē (hel’thē) adj.
  1. fitness and wellbeing
  2. ability to cope with everyday activities
  3. implies good prospects for continued survival